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Create differentiated paths for each student


Tietz Family Foundation offers pioneering program grants


Bring students, teachers, and the community together


Achieve real and lasting changes in education


The Tietz Family Foundation was created to bring common-sense educational reforms to a system that all too often, requires everyone involved to “check their brains at the door.” The goal is to create an environment where a student’s needs are matched with the educational community’s resources. (Read more…)

Grant Guidelines

Learn how to apply for a grant from the Tietz Family Foundation. The Foundation carefully weighs the merits of proposed programs, how the program meets the core mission goals, and how success will be measured. (Read more…)


Read how grantees are using Tietz Family Foundation resources to revitalize arts programs and train and mentor teachers. The programs have already led to better student attendance and improved teacher proficiency. (Read more…)

Education works best when teachers, students, parents, and the entire community work together.

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