The purpose of the Tietz Family Foundation is to provide resources and funding to teachers and organizations that meet our core values.

Having seen how some of the brightest people, with the most interesting and innovative ideas are often those who are intimidated by the process of making their dreams into a reality, we have sought to make the grant application process as simple and straightforward as possible. After all, if our organization is dedicated to cutting through the “red tape” that so afflicts the educational reform movement, it makes sense that we have as little of it as possible.


Here are the basic things you are going to need to provide us if you are applying for a grant:

1. What will be the purpose of the grant?

2. How would the program you are proposing meet the mission of the Tietz Family Foundation, particularly as it relates to:

  • Further implementation of programs that recognize the individuality of children?
  • Promoting integration into social settings?
  • Demonstrating the use of differentiated strategies in education?

3. How many people will be affected by the grant? In other words, is it just a solution for one particular school, or is it something that can scale up and be used by many schools all over the U.S. (or world)?

4. How will we be able to measure whether the expectations of the project covered by the grant are being met?

We want to be able to see if the programs we fund are having an impact, and being able to point to a measurable positive change is a big (and obvious) step.

5. How do you plan to share the outcomes of the project?

6. What is your proposed budget?

  • Grantees that have unrealistic budgets are not likely to be viewed favorably.
  • Please include other sources of support
  • Please include an explanation of how your project will ultimately achieve self-sufficiency, once the grant monies run out.

Now that you have a rough idea of what it is that we are looking for, here is how to submit the official application:

Click here to fill out the official grant application form online and submit it electronically. You may also email any additional information you feel relevant as a PDF attachment.

We hope that this process is as simple and powerful as possible. If you have any questions, or suggestions for how to make it better, please contact us.

Annual Grants

The foundation will make grants totaling approximately $25,000 in any one year.  While individual grants are likely to be $5,000 or less, in special cases a single grant of $25,000 could be made. Typically grants are for one year with conditional commitments for longer periods.